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In celebration of 2016, we are refreshing this years’ vintage with a brand new look. We are delighted to present to you four stunning wines from our 2015 harvest to be titled – JJ.

JJ Rosé Tradition and JJ Rosé Prestige for 2015 are our finesOur grapes 300x300 - Say hello to JJ Rosé!t incarnations yet. JJ Rosé Tradition is our 4th vintage and encapsulates everything we love in a Rosé. By popular demand and reflecting valued feedback, this blend is paler and more refined with elegant fruity notes and a fresh finish.  The JJ Rosé Prestige has a hint of spice and has been aged in oak casks, adding a sophisticated finesse to this very special wine.

Furthermore we are unveiling our first sparkling wine – JJ Mousseux.  This new experience for wine lovers out Our vines 300x300 - Say hello to JJ Rosé!there, boasts a vivacious nose with a fine grain and persistent fruit colour.  The elegant taste is pink flesh dominant complimented by white fruit with notes of currants, anise, the exotic quince, apple and pear. This refreshing blend is finished with abundant and fine bubbles. To be enjoyed all through all seasons and adding sparkle and glamour to your table.

Later this year, we will be introducing our new full-bodied red Our vineyard 300x300 - Say hello to JJ Rosé!   wine (watch this space).

It is our pleasure for you to enjoy and savour our new offerings, as well as our established vintages. Domaine Des Jeanne has evolved to produce wine to meet the most discerning of palettes and partner perfectly with the best food.

Our wines are ideal for celebrations – whether a wedding, your most exhilarating ski run yet, or simply being alive on a beautiful summer’s day. They brings a joie de vivre to the poolside or fireside – wherever and whenever the good times are rolling.



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