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This week, we are celebrating ALL THINGS RED in Domaine Des Jeanne, so we wanted to give you a little taste of what we have been up to recently…

  • The Davies family have been in mourning because Spurs (their soccer team) lost to Liverpool in the Champions League Final in Madrid on the 1st June 2019. However, we are continuing to honour All Things Red because our Son-in-Law, Simon, and Grandson, Rory Wade, were delighted that their team (Liverpool) were victorious:
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    L-R: Simon, our daughter LJ (CEO of CHARLOTTEPOSNER), Tom & Mervyn

  • Our Granddaughter Jessica (who is a loyal Spurs fan like her Mummy) eating a red apple:
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Our beautiful Granddaughter Jessica – a loyal Spurs fan

  • Our handsome Grandson Rory, was over the moon that Liverpool won:
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Our handsome Grandson Rory – a loyal Liverpool fan

  • To celebrate All Things Red, we’ve been enjoying our Prestige Rouge, accompanied by our London balcony-grown tomatoes, strawberries and red hot chilli peppers:
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Balcony-grown tomatoes and chilli peppers

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Charlotte Posner Spurs V Liverpool Pop Dolls 
Untitled 1 - All Things Red

Charlotte Posner T-Shirt in Sacha Concept Store, Menerbes, Luberon
  • The red poppy fields in Oppède (the home of our Vineyard) were an absolute joy to behold:
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Poppy Fields in Oppède 

  • Check out our latest batch of French strawberries from our garden in Ménerbes:
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French Strawberries from our garden in Ménerbes

  • Stopped by a delicious bakery in Provence and discovered these delicious Hand-Made Jammie Dodgers:
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     Hand-made Jammie Dodgers in Provence

  • We recently had the honour of attending the Roth Bar & Grill at Durslade Farm to celebrate the Birthday of Ursula Hauser. An exhibition has been curated in her honour celebrating many of the works of female artists. The JJ Esprit Rosé flowed all night, where it paired beautifully with each course… especially so with the pink of the rhubarb cheesecake and the magnificent strawberry meringue birthday cake:
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Ursula Hauser’s Birthday Celebration in the Roth Bar & Grill
  • David Mach created the life sized creature inspired by the design of the wrappers and it’s now on display at the Royal Academy Summer Show in London which we attended in delight. Many of us who have ever eaten a Tunnock’s tea cake will have carefully smoothed out and folded the foil to create our own little art sculpture before chucking it in the bin, thinking nothing more of it. But one Scottish artist has shown what you can do with not one but a few hundred wrappers. Fife-born David Mach has created a tiger using the foil packaging and it’s been unveiled at a prestigious art exhibition featuring work by the likes of Greyson Perry. Read more
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    David Mach RA’s ‘Easy Tiger’ Sculpture in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts
  • After all those sweet treats, we decided to try to counteract things by eating healthy. In doing so, we discovered this amazing Jamie Oliver Recipe for Avocado on Rye Toast with Ricotta which makes a simple, yet delicious accompaniment our to JJ Esprit Rosé. Seeing as our blog was about All Things Red, we tweaked the recipe, added some Strawberries and loved it:
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    Avocado & Strawberry on rye toast with ricotta – Jamie Oliver Recipe


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